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December 24

Just a quick update before I go away!

Check out Articles/Quotes for an interesting comment from Kiefer as to the current state of development of the film.

Have a safe and happy holiday everybody and see you in the new year!

December 6

It's never a good sign when the executive producer says it probably won't happen for quite some time :(

Check out Articles/Quotes for more.

November 26

Added a couple of new articles to the Articles/Quotes page!

November 4

Nothing much to report however the "fan phone" is once again active and people have reported that a script for the film is finished and that there will be official word on the movie around mid-December.

Hit the Articles/Quotes page for more!


October 1

Added news to the Articles/Quotes page on Raver's latest comment on her role in the future of 24 and the movie.

"You just never know on 24. I mean, as of this moment, Audrey is alive, um, and the producers are keeping her alive for a very specific moment and, uh, Iím hoping that that moment carries me over to the film this summer." says Raver.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4_9sJq2s3M - September 22 2006 (Originated From Jimmy Kimmel)

September 21

We have made a correction to yesterday's news. It seems everyone else who was at the same press conference as USAToday (EW, TV Guide) got that same quote from Joel Surnow, and on the USAToday page they spell Bob Cochran, Bob Cochrane. So I have added a new source:

http://entertainment.myway.com/celebgossip/tvginsider/id/08_28_2006_1.html - August 28 2006 (Originated From TV Guide)

That's all for now!

September 20

We have added info on the likely locales of the movie:

"[The movie will likely be set in] Afghanistan, London and Washington, D.C." says Bob Cochran.
http://blogs.usatoday.com/awardsnight/2006/08/24_the_recipe_f.html - August 28 2006

That's all for now!

September 19

Sorry about the missing month of updates but there hasn't been much to report. We know for certain that we can add a few things to the site in the next week and today I added the most recent quote about the movie to Articles/Quotes:

"Eventually, the show will reach a point where we might be going through complete cast changes season to season. We've known from the very beginning that it can't run forever with the same characters - and I'm one of those characters. After that we're talking about a film franchise for Jack Bauer." says Sutherland
http://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/film/features/article1222973.ece - September 1 2006

It hardly tells us anything but hey, it's an update!

Added a bit to What's Known and have rebuilt the News Archive!

August 15

Have added some old news to the Articles/Quotes page. It is looking more and more likely that Chloe will be apart of 24: The Movie!

Also, check out The 24 Fanatic for news on a new 24 6-part mini-series comic that will cover the events of Operation Nightfall!

New poll!

July 31

Some old news I have over looked and some new details about the movie can be found in Articles/Quotes!

Updates also made to What's Known!

July 21

Several updates have been made to the site including chnages to What's Known and Articles/Quotes.

July 7

We have moved!! Welcome to our new domain! We are now 24themovie.net! We hope with this new domain that information about the movie has become much more accessible!

July 2

Another small update with a Kiefer quote added to the Articles/Quotes page!

June 29

Have updated the Articles/Quotes page with news about the movie from a Heritage Foundation panel featuring cast and crew from the show.

June 26

We have updated with news from this week's TV Guide, which can be found here!

Expect another update with news from a 24 panel in the next few days.

Check back soon!

June 12

We have massive updates including news of an official deal being struck with Surnow, Cochran and Gordon. Check that out in the What's Known page along with new plot rumors!

We also have a stack of new articles with new quotes from Kim Raver, Sutherland and Gordon in the Articles/Quotes page!

Check out the Message Board for more discussion on the film!

That's all for now!

May 5

HUGE new news regarding 24: The Movie!

The movie is set to be shot in Europe next year!

Latest on the movie at the following links:

http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Kristin/Archive2006/060428c.html April 28 2006

"We're working on it. We would love to do it, and we're all very excited about the idea, so, we'll see. We are breaking out stories for it." says Gordon.

http://www.eonline.com/Insider/Boards/ann.jspa?annID=517 May 1 2006

"Well, that would be a fantasy. I just want to get out of L.A. I feel like L.A. is starting to get a little battle worn. And we're still flirting with the idea of doing an arc somewhere, London, Japan. I know those territories where the fans are strong, we'd love to get there and change the color, so that it's a different time zone. But the timing may not allow for that, and maybe the movie will give us that opportunity." says Gordon.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4975762.stm May 5 2006 (Original Source Jonathan Ross)

"We're working on that. We'll shoot the film here. We're really excited about it. In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain." says Sutherland.

http://www.darkhorizons.com/news06/060505r.php May 5 2006 (Original Source The Sun)

"The shoot will take place in London and Prague. Then we will use Morocco as a location - probably as an aspect of the Middle East. We'll do the filming a year from now." says Sutherland.

What's Known and Articles/Quotes for more!

April 28

In the recent episode of 24Inside Joel Surnow revealed more detailed information about 24: The Movie!

Small updates have been made to the Articles/Quotes page including comments about a movie from 24 composer Sean Callery.

April 11

A bit of chatter surrounding the movie has sparked up again with the anouncement of Sutherland returning to the show for 3 more years.

Check out the Articles/Quotes for what's currently being thrown around!

April 1

Lots of updates have been made to the Articles/Quotes page as well as the What's Known page. We also added an interview with Joel Surnow and Howard Gordon who shared more details on The Movie with Rush Limbaugh:

"The thought for the movie is the whole movie would take place in a 24-hour period. It wouldn't be a two-hour real time period. It would be three segments of real time in the course of one day, and this way it allows us to travel more and not be grounded in Los Angeles. We want to do a much more international story for the movie. Oh, we [have a plot idea]." says Surnow.

Kiefer's comments during an interview with German TV channel RTL II has sparked heated debate at the Message Board. Unfortunately as the interview was in German a solid translation was hard to find and it appears Kiefer had been mis-quoted.

"Production will start when we finish shooting the series." says Sutherland.

It was initially reported that Kiefer said the following:

"Productions for the movie will start in April when we finish the shooting of Day 5!"

To set the record straight the poster changed "finish shooting the series" with "Day 5" and "in April" was added as that's when the poster thought they "finished shooting the series".

Regardless, what Kiefer most definitely meant by his comment in response to the question is that they will find time to film The Movie after they finish the TV series. In other words in between Seasons. He did NOT mean when they finish the series as in the end of its run. Kiefer's comment also suggests that they are looking at the TV series and movies as two completely different entitles.

Click here to discuss the quote at the Message Board!

New poll!

March 26

Three mentions of The Movie have popped up over the past week but some are questionable at best as we are struggling to find original sources.

When we get confirmation of each quote we'll add them to the other pages.

Kiefer made these comments about the movie during a recent interview with Virgin.net here:

"I think it's going to end up happening next summer. It's not going to replace the show, they are two very different entities and I think they can co-exist."

Apparently Sutherland also said during the same interview that the next Season will serve as a build up to the movie - quite the contradiction of his previous quote. The source is a questionable British gossip magazine. A scan can be found here. You must be registered at the Message Board to access this link.

From a German TV interview comes these roughly translated quotes:

"The writers are working on a 24 Movie now. But the story of the movie won't have anything to do with the TV show, much like [24: Conspiracy]. Production will start in April when we finish the shooting of Day 5."

Whether this was a screw up in translation is unknown as the original source was an uncaptured TV show. The roughly translated interview can be read in its entirety here. You must be registered at the Message Board to access this link.

The third is an interview on Jimmy Kimmel in which he says the following:

"Weíre working on it. The Movie will be considerably different than the show if in fact we ever get the time to make it. The show takes up so much time. We are working about 10 months a year just on the show. But the showís obviously in real time and the film it would be impossible to do that so the film would actually represent a 24-hour day. So we have some of it figured out. But thatís just the very beginning. Now we just need to cast it and do the story! We are worried about it. I think thatís why itís taking us this long. I think if we are going to do a film we have to make sure that we can deliver something very special."

You can watch the interview here.

March 4

At 1up.com Joel Surnow talks about The Movie revealing things like it will be overseas and is still planned for next summer! Check out the interview here!

In relation to shooting the movie internationally, Howard Gordon has made some comments about taking the show overseas in Ask Ausiello here!

February 28

"Gossip Monky" has backed up his initial report in an article here!

February 26

Two sources have shot down "Gossip Monkies" news about The Movie. This week's Ausiello Report includes comments from a FOX spokesmen and the other article is from a source close to production that is claiming they are still trying to get a movie on screen by 2007.

Click here for the Ausiello Report and here for the Moviehole article!

February 23

Kiefer has apparently signed on to three 24 movies and Bruce Willis is set to make a cameo in one of them!

More here!

We have added two new Articles/Quotes and updated the facts!

February 7 *UPDATE*

The site is now "fully operational"!

Welcome to 24TheMovie.bravehost.com!

We hope you will check regularly for updates on the movie as production draws closer! Over the next few days we will upload content to sub pages!

In the meantime enjoy the look and feel of the new site brought to you by Joel from The 24 Fanatic and James, new to the 24 fan site scene!